Exegesis - Milling Damascus Steel and Starting the Pommel
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One of the most challenging materials I have ever worked in, and one reason this project has taken me so long, is this damascus steel. I believe this metal was originally made for knife blades, and it's very, very hard to cut. Here I am taking about all day to mill one fin down to the proper thickness.

This cut to profile the top of the emitter fin inlays took all day as well. A couple thousandths of an inch at a time, with the feed set very slowly.

Here I have the profiles cut, and am testing etching and bluing methods to find the right combination of acid, bluing chemical, etc. to get the look I am working towards. These fins are a nice color, but only in certain light. I want more contrast, so back in to the acid they go...

And that's what I am looking for. A much longer acid bath, then wash with water and brushed with bluing chemical, and a light polish with find grit sandpaper, and I think I have what I am looking for.

They now contrast nicely with the aluminum fin saddles, and I think that's enought experimentation.

Here I am starting the pommel, machining the pommel blank out of a solid rod.

Pommel blank bored out to fit the back end of the hilt handle.

It's a very close fit. Pressed on, it has no wiggle room.

Next up, I'll be machining the pommel further to allow for the pommel fins.


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