The Return Of The Jedi Luke Skywalker Lightsaber - Part Six - Control Box and Paint Job
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Painting the grip section, I taped off the back and front, and carefully spray painted with black enamel. Before painting I made sure to polish and wash with dish detergent to remove all dust, oil, etc.

Painted, allowing the grip enamel to cure before I shave off the outermost raised areas to reveal the aluminum beneath.

Like this...

Now I need to start on the control box. First, I take a TCSS box and shave down the sides so there's no groove, then polish away the machine marks.

Then I take two long button 90 degree tactile switches, and measure out on a piece of aluminum stock where the tabs go, drill and testfit, then drill the pivot hole. The 4-40 screw will tighten this down against some brass tube, which will go into the pivot hole.

I only need a very small amount of travel to activate either switch, and the pivot rod will make sure the button only hits one switch at a time.

At this point I milled out the slot for the button. I took ever so slightly less off till the button barely fits in the slot.

I also had to file off the corners of the button section that goes into the box for a test fit for the switches and board.

Here's the button for test fit. When the screw is installed, it lets the button rotate JUST enough to activate either switch.

Here's the first triangular hold filed out. A small triangle file is needed for this kind of thing, and loads of elbow grease.

And here it is with both trianglar LEDs set for fit. I'll clean the box up a bit after I drill and tap for the two small brass screws that go underneath the LEDs.

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