The New Hope Obi Wan Kenobi Reveal Lightsaber
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Well, it's finally time to light her up. See what works, see what doesn't. Crystal chamber is pretty neat, lighting progressively along with the blade. It also flickers each LED corresponding to Accubolt flickering of random segments, which is cool. It also flicker clashes with the blade.

Around a year and a half in my brain, a little over a year in production, and we have a lit blade.

The little illuminated ring under the emitter works ok, about like my other sabers.

These last shots were at a power setting of 425 out of 511.

At 475 out of 511, it gets a little crazy. This is with me setting the camera exposure correctly for the room, THEN turning it on

Letting the camera self adjust to the brightness gives this kind of pic.

Left to do: Set swing sensitivity, clash settings, select volume and brightness settings for each bank, finish the NON bladed grenade section.

iSaber Bargraph mode - Just one mode of this saber, showing the LED string bargraph capability of the CF-LS

iSaber showing progressive lighting of the chamber LEDs. Skip to 1:56 for cool imperial march action.

My beautiful daughter and her first lightsaber, dueling dad and his Obi ANH Reveal saber. Cuteness wins!

I am very happy with how the non bladed grenade ended up oxidized and weathered. Had to machine and tap a hole for the retainer screw that exactly matched the position of the bladed grenade. That was not impossible, but wasn't something I could mess up. Also the depth and position of the notch for the chamber latch was machined within a thousandth or two of the original.

A problem I have run into is that these grenades and windvanes were from different runs at different times. They are "almost" the same dimensions, but not quite, and I've had to compensate a bit for that. Next up, oxidizing and weathering the brass windvane, fan and fan shroud.

Final operational video. I believe it is finished, as I can't think of another thing I need to do other than take pictures and test it. A year and a half of the most challenging project I have ever taken on, and it's finished. Such an odd feeling.

And now some final pics!

I know this is my favorite movie saber by far, and now it's been my favorite project to build to date.





Thank you for watching it come together, for your support and encouragement, and to Erv at Plecter labs, Tim at TCSS, and everyone on all the saber forums for cheering me along.

The end

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