Robotpirate Gamebox V2

This is a Retropie EmulationStation installed Raspberry Pi 2 vintage game emulator console. It runs a list of 20 or more emulators, and more than 200 games on the microSD card. Up front are a set of vintage Nintendo power/reset buttons and status light, and a seven port USB hub for controllers, mouse, keyboard, thumbdrive storage, wifi, etc.

On the back panel, are ports for HDMI, power, and ethernet. On the side is the access slot for the microSD card.

The parts list includes:

Hammond cast aluminum case picked up at Fry's
Raspberry Pi 2
7 Port USB Hub
Vintage Nintendo power/reset button module
Mausberry Circuits automatic safe shutdown board for the Pi
Panel mount ethernet extension
Custom panel mount USB Power extension
5x big rubber feet to keep the unit from being jerked off the table
Bunch of 4-40 hardware, spacers, machined blocks
4x Logitech F310 gamepads
Wireless keyboard and dongle
Wifi nub


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