My figured maple and honduran rosewood saber display

After getting this saber chassis and plaque signed by Mark Hamill, I decided it deserved a fitting wall mounted display. Here is a nice piece of figured maple, and rosewood from Honduras.

After cutting the maple in half, and orienting it so that it appears that the grain is bookmatched, I arrange the parts to fit what I am going for. Here I am trying to decide if I want one saber displayed...

Or three. I think I will stick with one.

As far as the actual mounting of the saber to the display, I will use a section of rosewood, and curve out slots for the saber to rest on. Here I am using a 1.5 inch forstner bit to drill a smooth parallel hole into the center of a block of rosewood...

The graflex shell fits, this is a 2 cell back I had laying around to use as a test.

After cutting it in half to get the two support blocks, I sanded out the rear one to accept the slightly larger diameter of the clamp section.

Here I have spent an evening carefully measuring and cutting out the window for the photo, and recessing the back for the glass and such. I also spent a good deal of time deciding how I want to mount the signature plaque.

I will remove the plastic bit with the signature from the luggage tag, and cut the hole and inset it like the photo above. The corners are radiused at 3/4 inch, and I'll run a router around the edge to radius it at 1/4 inch.

Here it is before gluing, I have my edge slots cut with the router for the plaque, I need to cut t he lower rosewood block to allow for the plaque.

Next after that is routing a radius into the outer edge, and a smaller radius into the insets.


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